Live Tudela carnivals 2022
Live Tudela carnivals 2022

Carnival is one of the funniest parties that exist. All over the world people dress up, dance, celebrate, laugh, and, even if it's just for a few days, forget about their problems and the daily buzz. There are great carnivals in many parts of the world; Venice, Rio de Janeiro, Cadiz, Canary Islands, etc., however, you don't need to travel to these places to enjoy it like never before! 

In Tudela, carnivals are one of the special dates marked on its neighbours calendars, who turn to laugh and enjoy themselves after the long January hill and before life reawakens with the beginning of spring. As the song says, "Life is a Carnival... Enjoy it!"

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Tudela carnivals 2022 will have a smaller format

Although Tudela Carnivals were celebrated again in 1983, it was in 1989 when some members of the Coordinator of Carnivals Office recovered the old carnival figure of the "Zipotero Tudelano". Historians say that they were people with white masks, blue shirts or blouses, white or black pants, covered heads, and hanging from their shoulders a white cushion tied at one end and full of candies and sugared almonds that are thrown into the air during the parade of Friday, after the rocket announcing the Carnival. 

The figure of "Zipotero" completes his outfit on a stick with a snack tied to a rope at its end and bells. In Tudela Carnivals, it is important to highlight Adult and Children's Mask Parades.

The current situation planned for this year is that Zipoteros will not open, for the second consecutive year, these winter festivals are scheduled for the last weekend of February. Even so, don't worry because the Tudela City Council is planning a parade so that all residents can enjoy this festivity in the best possible way. In addition, this February, you can visit the Traditional Market of Artisan Products of Navarra that will be installed on Saturday the 13th in Plaza de Los Fueros from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Peña Beterri, which helps organize it, ensures that buying in this type of market favours "the small craftsman and native trade of the land".

So don't hesitate any longer, block off your entire agenda and come to Tudela and enjoy the Carnival scheduled for 2022. Start making your reservation today at Hotel Santamaría. The city and its neighbours are overturned with the festivity, and you have to be part of it. Contact Hotel Santamaría to make your reservation and ask us to find out about the available promotions

Prepare your best clothes and costumes and get ready for a weekend full of laughter, smiles, and all the happiness possible. As the beloved Georgie Dann used to say “Carnival, carnival… Carnival I love you La la la la… We will dance non-stop throughout the world”. And yes, also at Tudela carnivals 2022!