Get to know the medieval town Olite and stay at Hotel Santamaría
Get to know the medieval town Olite and stay at Hotel Santamaría

Eager to visit one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Spain? Located in the heart of Navarra, Olite will take you back to the Middle Ages when you walk through the narrow streets of the historic center and come across a fairytale castle, ancient churches, and imposing walls. This medieval town has several recommended restaurants to try typical Navarran food such as grilled steak, ajoarriero, cod-stuffed peppers, chilindrón lamb, chistorra, or Idiazabal cheese, always accompanied by one of its renowned wines with denomination of origin.

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Your trip to the past begins in Olite

From Plaza de Teobaldos in Olite you can start a route through the most beautiful medieval streets that will take you back to the Middle Ages for a few moments.

The beautiful Villavieja street will take you to the Royal Palace of the Kings of Navarra, one of the most emblematic places to see in Olite. This fortress, known as the Castle of Olite, was built during the 13th and 14th centuries and was one of the residences of the Kingdom of Navarre Court, although after the invasion of Navarre in 1512 the complex began to deteriorate until it was approved a restoration in 1937 to recover all its original splendour and once again become one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe.

Get ready to enjoy visiting the different rooms, such as the king and queen room, and climb the spiral staircases that will take you to the top of their towers, such as the Homage, the Three Crowns, and above all, the Atalaya, from where you will have fantastic views of the entire castle and the town.

The Royal Palace is located at one end of Plaza de Carlos III el Noble, the most beautiful and important square to visit in Olite. Also, medieval in appearance and surrounded by restaurant terraces, this long square has several outstanding buildings such as the Town Hall, which was built in the 20th century in the style of the noble houses of the time, the Spire Tower, which was one of the gates of access to the walled town, and the medieval galleries, built at the end of the 13th century and which house an exhibition on the history of the town in the Middle Ages.

One of the best things to do in Olite is to start your visit at the Church of San Pedro, the oldest in the town. This 12th-century church, located in the Plaza del Fosal and which harmoniously mixes Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque styles, stands out for its slender 52-metre-high Gothic tower, crowned by an octagonal spire and which stands out within the skyline of the town. After crossing its beautiful Romanesque portico, inside the temple, you will find various jewels such as a 13th-century Romanesque cloister, a Gothic carving of Santiago, a beautiful main altarpiece, and a Gothic tomb.

Visiting the Wine Museum, located in old Santo Ángel palace in Plaza de Teobaldos, there is another of the best options in Olite. The space, distributed among the 4 floors of the building, is a walk through the winemaking tradition of Navarra and all the winemaking processes of the region. If you are a wine lover, you can complete your visit to this museum by going to one of the most famous wine cellars in the area.

The last recommendation on the list of places to see in Olite is to take a half-day excursion to the Bardenas Reales, located 45 minutes away by car. A semi-desert natural park full of spectacular formations resulting from wind and rain erosion.

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