Enjoy the exquisite gastronomy of Tudela
Enjoy the exquisite gastronomy of Tudela

Enjoying excellent gastronomy has become an indispensable condition when thinking about any trip, and Tudela has it in capital letters. The passage of the river Ebro through the Autonomous Community benefits the development of thousands of recipes, with a special emphasis on vegetables. All this makes the gastronomy of Tudela arouse the interest of tourists and diners wanting to taste it to the fullest. The strong influence of neighbouring communities such as La Rioja, Aragón, or the Basque Country gives it character. Even so, Tudela and the entire region have managed to build their own personality and recipe book.


To know the gastronomy of Tudela and get into an experience full of flavour, one of the best options is to stay at Hotel Santamaría. With a long history in the hotel sector, as well as its location and connection with the heart of the city, make it an ideal space for these days.


Cheeses, meats, and wines, essential in the gastronomy of Tudela


If you are a cheese lover, you can’t avoid tasting the D. O. Roncal. Made with raw sheep's milk and in an artisanal way, without added elements and with a maturation time of at least 4 months. Its flavour and aroma will enchant you. Idiazábal is another of the most prestigious cheeses and not only within the gastronomy of Navarra but throughout the Spanish geography. Made with raw sheep's milk and weighing between 1 and 3 kilos, Idiazábal is recognized as a European Gastronomic Heritage.


To speak of meat is to enter fully into the veal of Navarra, a product that cannot be missing in any traditional grill. Its Geographical Indication of Protected Beef from Navarra guarantees that the veal was born and raised in this land, thus ensuring a tender and juicy meat.


Chilindrón is a sauce, very typical of regions such as La Rioja or Aragón. The chilindrón sauce in Navarra differs because it does not contain pepper or tomato. Its combination with lamb meat makes it especially tasty.


If you have a preference for fish, bacalao al ajoarriero is a traditional dish made with salted cod accompanied by various vegetables. Ajoarriero is pasta made of potatoes, oil, eggs, and garlic. Dishes such as Estellesa soup, trout or asparagus from Navarra, piquillo peppers as well as buds from Tudela, cakes from Chanchigorri, or Navarrese pisto are other delicacies that you will find in many of the restaurants in the city. You will love them for their taste!


To pair this rich gastronomy, there is nothing better than to do it with wines from the D.O. Navarra. The production area occupies territories from the south to Pamplona and the Ebro river basin. A total of 5 different areas create wines for all tastes and occasions. Nothing better than closing a Tudela meal by trying a delicious curd dessert and accompanying it with the typical pacharán, made from the maceration of sloes in aniseed schnapps. 


With all this list of delicacies of Tudela gastronomy, you no longer have an excuse if you are a true foodie. Contact the Hotel Santamaría to make your reservation and contact us to find out about the available promotions. Personalized treatment, comfort, and tranquillity so that gastronomy and relaxation go perfectly together. Tudela and go to eat!