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Tourism in our area focuses on two key points: the city of Tudela, the capital of the Ribera and its environment, that is to say, the surrounding villages and natural sites of the region.


Tudela is the second city of Navarra (Spain). It is located south of the community, on the Ebro valley. It was founded by the Muslims in the 9th century, and from that moment became the place of coexistence of three cultures: Arabs, Christians and Jews.

The most important monuments are the Cathedral of Tudela (12th-13th centuries), the churches of the Magdalena and San Nicolás, the bridge over the Ebro river, several palaces nestled in the Old Town, like the Marquis of Huarte (current Archive and Library), the Marqués de San Adrián (current UNED), and stately homes such as the Admiral or the Ibáñez Luna.

Also in the heart of the city is the Plaza Nueva. A magnificent example of urban planning of the 17th century, following the constructive example of Spanish baroque plazas.

Ribera de Navarra and surroundings

Ribera de Navarra and surroundings

La Ribera de Navarra attraction as its nature, gastronomy and artistic heritage, and landmarks like Bardenas Reales and Senda Viva.

Cuisine is the main strength of this area, rich in vegetables from the ground. Also festivals and pilgrimages are important in the region. Plus, it is home of Bardenas Reales Natural Park, a natural area of about 415 sq km.
Important dates

Important dates

- Holy Week ("La Procesión" on Good Friday, "El Volatín" on Holy Saturday and "La Bajada Del Ángel" on Resurrection Sunday).
- La Semana de Exaltación de la Verdura: The last week of April and the first week of May.
- The Patron Saint Festivities of Tudela in honour of Santa Ana: from 24th to 30th July.